JX-A8 超高速全自动清洁球机

武汉金星生产的清洁球设备系列的JX-A8 超高速8丝4球全自动清洁球机 | 八丝四球圆扁一体清洁球机价格公道、厂家直销、生产效率高、质量可靠,产品覆盖:河北、南宁、兰州、白银川、天津、石家庄等地区。

  • 尺寸:cm: 240*110*130
  • 型号:JX-A8
  • 品牌:金星





【标准版】电 压:380v  功 率:4kw

装    丝:8丝出4球;一次装丝120公斤左右。



1. 本机兼容性强,可用不锈钢丝、铁丝、镀锌丝等材料制造清洁球,产球为内螺旋式饼状为主,也可做成圆球或普通球。

2. 在送丝、锻压、刨光、数控分球等自动化工作中均以8丝4球单人操作,如果选配断丝自停控制器,一人可操作多台机器。整机精密协调性好,传动、速比和操控稳定性极佳。在智能化设计方面,分球的规格大小采取数控全自动管理,使每个球的重量精确度控制在零误差。

3. 成球自动分离后由传送带将球送出,避免球花摔散和相互沾粘,球簧松紧度可根据重量大小、原料粗细、球形密度等通过设备内置的无极变速机任意调整。

4. 工作提速0-1600转的时间不超过2秒!清洁球产量每小时16公斤左右!其稳定、高产与其他球机相比,每吨原料做球可降低生产成本约1000元左右,若单机每月只生产3吨,一年就可以节约3万多元。



产    量:每小时生产清洁球16公斤左右。


出口木箱:长150cm,宽115cm,140cm; (放线架拆卸后)

Introduction of Cleaning Ball Machine of JX-A8 Type


Introduction of Equipment Performance

1This machine has strong compatibility, and materials like stainless steel wires, iron wires, galvanized wires and so on, can be used to make cleaning balls. The shape of produced ball is mainly disk shape of internal spiral type. And round balls or common balls also can be made.

2. In the process of automatic work like wire feeding, forging and pressing, polishing, ball separating controlled by computer and so on, are all operated by one person and can produce 4 balls from 8 wires. If choosing to be equipped with auto-controller for wire breakage, one person can operate several machines. The whole machine is precise with good coordination, extremely excellent transmission, speed ratio and stability of operation. In the respect of intelligent design, the specification and size of ball separation adopts fully automatic management controlled by computer, which makes the precision of weight of every ball with zero error.

3. The finished balls will be delivered by conveyer belt after automatically separated. To avoid the ball flower broken and tangling with each other, the tightness of ball spring can be adjusted arbitrarily through the continuously variable transmission machine equipped in the equipment according to the weight and size, the thickness of raw material, ball shape and density and so on.

4. The time of working speed for 0-1600 RPM can not surpass 2 seconds! The output of cleaning ball is about 15 kilograms every hour! Compared with other cleaning ball machines, it’s stable and has high production. Every ton of raw material used to making balls can reduce production cost for about 1000 yuan. If only 3 tons is produced every month, more than 30 thousand yuan can be saved every year.

Performance Parameter of JX-A8 Type High-production Fully Automatic Cleaning Ball Machine 

Standard VersionVoltage: 380V  Power: 4kw

Wire loading: 4 balls per 8 wires; load wires about 120 kilograms for one time.

Method of Ball Separation: Weight and size can be set arbitrarily, automatically weighing and automatically electric fuse.

Working Speed: 1600 RPM, 1-2 seconds                                                                                       


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